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  Josephinen zueiggnet [sic; double underlined] / 5 Lieder (für Tenorstimme.) / von / [LH, column 1:] 1. Im Lenz / 2. Winterlied / 3. Maitanz im Grünen / [LH, column 2:] 4. [blank] / 5. [blank] / [RH] Gustav Mahler.
  Im Lenz: 19 Februar 1880; Winterlied: 27 Februar 1880; Maitanz im Grünen: 5 März 1880


  Black ink


  12 staves, no maker's mark, oblong format, c. 256 x 330 (r = 203)

Manuscript structure and collation

    Folio Commentary
_ 1r Wrapper: title page. The conjugate leaf is missing
  1v Blank
_ 2r Music commences: Im Lenz. This leaf may be a conjugate to fol. 9
_ 3r Im Lenz ends. Dated: 19 Februar 1880. This leaf may be a conjugate to fol. 8
  3v Winterlied commences
5r Winterlied ends. Dated: 27 Februar 1880
5v Maitanz im Grünen commences
6v Maitanz im Grünen ends. Dated: 5. März 1880.
7r Blank
7v Blank
_ 8r Blank. This leaf may be a conjugate to fol. 3
  8v Blank
_ 9r Blank. This leaf may be a conjugate to fol. 2
  9v Blank


  ?Justine (Mahler) Rosé; Alfred Rosé; Mrs Alfred Rosé (gift to the University of Western Ontario)


  Complete facsimile
  SMMRC: Title page and first page of music

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  SMMRC; RHVIW, 245–79; SWXIII/5



The title page refers to five songs and it seems likely that this presentation copy was being planned to contain all five within a single gathering.

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