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Using the Catalogue


•    Each work is assigned to one of the five main sections


Instrumental Works

Vocal Works


Lost and Spurious Works.

•    Each work has its own home page which not only provides basic information about the work and its history, but also acts as an annotated index to the pages devoted to the source descriptions. These home pages will normally contain the following elements:

Title: the form of title on the final printed edition issued during Mahler's lifetime or approved by him

Date: a summary of the dates of composition (not including those of incorporated works) and revision

Movements: a list of the movements (with initial tempo markings) and division into parts (if relevant) taken from the final printed edition issued during Mahler's lifetime or approved by him

Programmes: links to transcriptions and other information about any programmes or programmatic titles issued by, or clearly derived from Mahler

Scoring: a systematic list of instruments and voices required by the final printed edition issued during Mahler's lifetime or approved by him

Duration: where known, based on timings of Mahler's own performances; otherwise a mean derived from selected later performances and/or recordings by other conductors

Manuscripts: links to a categorised list of manuscript sources

Printed Editions: links to a categorised list of printed editions that appeared during the composer’s lifetime, and first or other important editions that appeared after his death

Performance History: links to (a) details of all traced performance of the work during the composer's lifetime (or first performances of works first performed posthumously), and (b) selected recordings, focusing on recordings by conductors who heard Mahler, or that have some other significance in the performing history of the work

Chronology: a summary of the work's compositional, publication and performance history

Notes: further information about the work generally and its history, including details of the relevant volumes in the Collected Works issued by the Internationale Gustav Mahler Gesellschaft.

Supplementary Material: links to any additional notes or essays

•    Navigation through the site is by hyperlinks. With one exception (hotspots - see below) these are indicated by text in blue (no underlining).

•    The main links to pages normally appear in the navigation panel to the left of the screen (occasionally, at the top of the screen).

•    Some of the longer pages are provided with hyperlinks to sections within the page.

•    Hyperlinks via 'hotspots' are provided in the stemmatic diagrams; to access these move the cursor over the name of the source for which you are seeking details (the cursor will change shape and a box giving details of the link will appear) and double click.

•    The site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and has been optimised for IE6.

•    Use the link to Conventions and Abbreviations for further details of these aspects of the catalogue.  

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